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Leading Personal and International Security Expert Dr. Jeffrey Cantor has designed a process that can help you prepare your employees and workplace for active Shooter and domestic terrorism threats before they occur.



Hardening Your Office: Workplace Assessment & Security Talk

Active shooter threats are unpredictable and evolve quickly. Who becomes a victim is often decided in a matter of seconds. Having a clear process and understanding what to do and how to react in these situations is not only important, it’s critical to survival.

The actions an organization takes now to strengthen their defenses, or “harden” the environment can make the difference in whether you and your employees survive an incident in the future.

In this special half-day program, a DCU coach will assess the current security state of your workplace, looking for security weaknesses, areas of vulnerability, escape routes and places to hide.  Then through the “R.E.D.” process, DCU will educate your employees how to React to a threat, Escape if they are able, Hide if necessary, or, worst case, Defend and fight if they must.   All customized to your workplace.

DCU coaches are experts on developing the assessment and identifying the specific actions you can take immediately to improve security. After sharing this information with your team, the session will wrap up with a concluding presentation on how you and your team can implement the security mindset that empowers everyone to stay safe in any threat situation.

Half-Day Workshop: $3500

Show Special (Book By 05/01/16): $2400

Book Now (Offer ends 04/08/16): Only $1495


Note: Programs must be scheduled within 12 months of booking and are subject to availability of Dr. Cantor and the DCU staff.


Before the Shooting Starts: Preparing to Survive Active Shooter Threats: One-Hour Keynote

Active shooter situations have become much too commonplace. In the past year alone, there have been hundreds of mass shootings. According to the FBI, active shooter incidents occurred in just about every kind of venue, including shopping centers, theaters, and holiday parties at public venues—and the frequency is rising.

This compelling keynote features Dr. Jeffrey Cantor, one of the country’s leading experts on personal and international security. Dr. Cantor introduces participants to active shooter threats and prepares them for the key actions they should take when confronted with such a situation.  This is great for large crowds, company meetings, and off site events.

The program covers what to expect in an active shooter incident, the RED System (Recognize, Escape, Defend), raising your situational awareness, and the importance of a survival mindset in staying safe. Attendees will leave with a set of actions they can take now to be prepared.

Keynote Regular Price: $6500

Show Special (Book By 05/01/16): $4500

Book Now (Offer ends 04/08/16): Only $2999


Note: Programs must be scheduled within 12 months of booking and are subject to availability of Dr. Cantor and the DCU staff.




College Safety Prep: Stay Safe at School

The College Safety Preparation Program is an online YouTube type program that your children can take when they have time.  It is a micro-learning style similar to what they use every day when they search and play on YouTube.
The program was developed by Dr. Jeffrey Cantor using the Recognize-Avoid-Evade-Counter model to give students a blueprint for safety through their daily campus life.  The key focus is to recognize danger and avoid it before it becomes dangerous.  The program encourages students to help each other, and even if they don’t know one another, to look out for others around them.

While all colleges and universities try their best to safeguard our children, they have not successfully solved this urgent problem.  DCU spent extensive time interviewing students on how they want to learn, and the most common response was on their mobile device.  Everything in College Safety Prep is delivered on a mobile phone or tablet.  Anywhere, anytime they have a break.

Recognition and awareness are the key strategies to keep students safe from harm.

Single User Access: $399

Show Special (Book By 05/01/16): $249

Early Adopter: (Offer ends 04/08/16): Only $199



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