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The Tactical Pen Defense is a revolutionary course that reveals how to use everyday carry items to avoid threatening situations and effectively employ it as a defensive tool.

For instance, a pen can become a tactical defensive weapon that you can use to avoid and defuse threatening situations.

It is a minimal force option for women that they can carry with them at all times and anywhere. It is legal and unassuming! It has the unique quality of allowing you to move from one level of force, “Back Off,” up the scale to a more aggressive position if the circumstances dictate.

Women can be especially vulnerable to violence and attack, and need to do everything possible to prevent dangerous or violent situations before they happen. A Tactical Pen allows you to be prepared if the unavoidable happens.


Tactical Pen Defense gives you new options for personal security, safety, and defense that are progressive, realistic, and truly accessible.  And it gives you the edge over would-be opportunists and criminals when it comes to personal safety.


Tactical Pen Defense covers:

  • The security mindset and threat recognition
  • Where to keep and how to access everyday carry items
  • Understanding and applying Martial Communication first
  • Grips, brandishing, and strikes
  • Anatomical targets and considerations
  • Legal ramifications

You now have a solution they can use to prevent dangerous or violent situations before they happen. Call us today at 1-800-820-0882 or visit us online at

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