Having been involved in the International Security business for decades as a Kidnap & Ransom Response Consultant, Mercenary Operator, Personal Protection Specialist and High Risk Environment Tactical Instructor, I have had an opportunity to experience many people and places around the globe and I can tell you first hand that we live in uncertain times.

The demand for education, knowledge and intelligence has never been greater and as a Defense Coach you can deliver! There are constant security risks all around the globe. Everyday the news is inundated with stories about disease outbreaks, terrorist threats, criminal activities, health risks, travel warnings, and businesses that are failing or falling on hard economic times.becomedefensecoach_image

As a Defense Coach you can, not only address these issues with clients, but you can do it anywhere on earth! That’s right; Defense Coaching is a truly portable career if you want it to be. You can develop your business in your hometown or you can travel around the globe as a defense coach or you may opt to be a defense coach and live abroad. The point is that the profession of defense coaching is completely adaptable to whatever environment and locale you choose.

As a Defense Coach, you help your clients assess and identify gaps in safety, defense, security and protection with respect to themselves, home, travel, health, business and or company, and then implement action plans to strengthen those gaps and mitigate risk.

As a Defense Coach you will also make recommendations to enhance personal, home, office and travel defense and security with high quality products, gear and equipment.

Defense Coaches can choose to specialize in an area of focus such as “Corporate or Business Defense Coaches”, which assist with Crisis Management, expansion of business overseas or conflict resolution, Family Defense Coaches, Personal Defense Coaches that work with people to develop clear plans for actionable defense issues and tailor solutions to existing defense issues or concerns that the client may have.

There are Travel Defense Coaches that guide people from pre-departure through a host of travel related concerns and issues. Defense Coach University is there to assist and support you from the beginning of your new career right thru a comprehensive suite of management options that serve to grow and strengthen your business.

Make a difference in people’s lives, do something you can be proud of!  Start your new exciting career today as a defense coach, by visiting our website at: or call us at: 1-800-820-0882.








Defenseology-The New Defense Metric

The world has changed, it is uncertain. There are new and emerging threats everyday all over the globe. Anyone and everyone is at risk, from college students with threats of sexual assault, robbery, assault and active shooters and acts of workplace violence.

Travel safety is a huge issue for business and recreational travelers whom are constantly threatened by the prolific and highly violent drug trade, terrorism, and the kidnap business. There is a worldwide pandemic of violence against women in almost every country. The threat of ISIS and other terrorist organizations as well as transnational criminal organizations have proliferated borders around the globe wreaking havoc and chaos.

Geopolitical instability in many regions and rising economic tensions in addition to random, targeted and opportunistic criminal acts make one thing very clear, we live in an increasingly dangerous world!

All of these things and more have caused a true paradigm shift in my thinking. I have personally never been one to sit on the sidelines and watch and simply hope things will get better. Conventionally as a people and culture, we have allowed “defense” to take a back seat in our lives, which is why I started #Defense Coach University.

The mission is global and it is defense. In order to change the landscape, we need more than an alternate defense apparatus for people, families, corporations and organizations. We need to empower them with the knowledge and tools to help them achieve their defense, safety and security goals on every level, and this is why I created #“Defenseology”.

DEFENSEOLOGY is a scientific intelligence-gathering framework for the practical, applied discipline of risk mitigation.  It was created for application of defense technologies that protect and safeguard life and valuable assets. There are three key components that comprise defenseology: mindset, training and action (MTA).

A defense mindset enables us to focus and drives us to act with decisiveness and confidence. It imparts the willingness to employ defense and security tactics, techniques and procedures to survive and thrive.

Training prepares you for the expected and unexpected challenges and is the foundation for defenseology. Through Visualization and/or physical training you can pave the way to taking action and controlling outcomes.

Action links mindset and training creating a “kinetic” chain with which you can consciously influence or deliver the physical and mental power to resolve problems and concerns, disengage, disrupt or neutralize threats and conflict.

Defenseology is the new defense metric as it defines and emphasizes safety and security to mitigate risk and prepare people, corporations, organizations and agencies for a safer tomorrow. We will face many challenges in life and business and will have many critically strategic decisions to make as individuals and collectively, and as we go about our daily lives, it is defenseology that will set the standard for defense thus giving all of us a decisive tactical advantage.