If you are attacked you first thought would likely be, “this can’t be happening to me”. It is so unimaginable that you’re still in denial. It’s normal to be afraid in a situation where someone wants to harm you. If it is a sexual assault situation you may even panic.

When the unimaginable happens, you will be afraid and your body will go into the flight or fight response. This is both natural and good; as it brings about the psycho-physiological responses, which may help you survive the incident.

If you have done everything reasonably possible to avoid the situation but you feel your life is in mortal danger, then you must make the decision to protect yourself and do whatever is necessary to survive and get home to your loved ones. When you make the decision to fight back you must commit wholeheartedly both mentally and physically.

Most people are good people, and are led by their moral compass. That compass usually has lines that most normally do not cross; however when your life is on the line, you may have to move that line. This may mean the decision to fight itself or it may be how committed you are to surviving. Keep in mind that surviving may also mean submitting to the attack. Even if you did do submit there is still a high chance of being injured or worse.

Let’s say for a moment that you have made the decision based on the information you have that your life is in danger and you have no other choice, but to fight back.

How will you do it?

Fighting back normally requires some sort of training or at the least, education to increase your chance of surviving and mitigating the risks associated with fighting back. In addition to preparing you to fight back, proper training helps you develop a winning attitude, improves your confidence and strengthens your commitment to survive a sexual assault or other violent confrontation.

Let’s face it most people have never faced a violent situation, especially one in which the outcome could result in rape or even their own death. Being thrust into a life-threatening situation within seconds when you were just thinking about studying for an exam or what to get at Chipotle for dinner is almost unimaginable and yet, this is exactly what will happen.

Your normal instinct and defense will not be enough. You cannot win this fight by yelling or screaming at your attackers like so many self-defense instructors have taught in the past. It would be near impossible for you to go from mild mannered student to one of the Avengers in a heartbeat, and yet this is the mindset that is demanded of you in this type of circumstance.

No, when a violent offender or group of offenders is wholeheartedly committed to carrying out sexual assault or rape, you will likely succumb to an unfavorable outcome unless…

You adopt the survival mindset.

The survival mindset is a state of mental readiness that allows you to survive and win the crisis. It is turning your worst fears into your greatest strengths. It is accepting the situation for what it is immediately and without denial so that you can quickly act in your own best interest and that of anyone with you.

There is no doubt, depending on circumstances that things could get tough and may even seem hopeless, but it is the indomitable human spirit, that deep desire to live, that you must find and hold on to.

Think of things such as your mother and father, friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, family members, guardians and gather your strength from these positive thoughts to move forward in executing your mindset and plan for survival. You must focus all your energy on defeating the attacker and escaping the incident. You must not allow any other thought process to sabotage your plans.

The most dangerous time is during those first seconds when your actions, thinking and preparedness can save your life…

 In a real life sexual assault or other violent situation or crisis you will not have time to call the police or a family member for help and so it would behoove you to adopt the survival mindset and prepare for this possibility in advance, and accept the fact that you will be the master of your own destiny.

Take the case of a college student named Jessica…

Jessica came from a very good upbringing. Her both parents cared for her and raised her to be a strong independent woman. She worked hard to get good grades to get into a good college and was in her Sophomore year when disaster struck.

One night, Jessica has gone to the library to study for midterm exams. She was swamped and really needed to get the study time in to maintain her GPA. Normally, Jessica always used the buddy system and walked with a friend anytime she needed to go somewhere on or off campus. However, that night nobody was around to accompany her to the library.

She was pretty apprehensive and somewhat concerned as she left her dorm and started walking to the library. Her head felt like it was on a swivel, darkness had come early at this time of year and she was alert to her surroundings.

The library was a 15-minute walk from her dorm but with the building in sight, she started to relax. After entering the front door of the building she found a table and started opening the books to study. Before she realized it, 4 hours had past and it was now nearing midnight.

She called a friend, but they did not pick up their phone. Jessica knew she would have to walk home alone, but she was a bit more optimistic now that she had made it there earlier without any issues, and so out the library doors she went, backpack slung over her shoulder.

As Jessica rounded the corner of the building to get onto one of the paths, she was suddenly struck from behind and knocked down to the ground. She quickly turned and saw a man in a hooded sweatshirt. She screamed, but no sound came out of her mouth. The man immediately grabbed her by her hair and started dragging her into the nearby bushes. She begged and pleaded with the man for her life.

To make a long story short, Jessica survived the sexual assault, but had to leave school and is now in therapy several times per week. The psychological damage from the attack scarred her for life. She find’s nighttime very difficult. Sleeping problems and nervousness as well as a host of other problems have surfaced as a result of the sexual assault.

Did Jessica have the survival mindset?

Sadly, Jessica never adopted the survival mindset. When your life is on the line, you can choose to do what Jessica did and lose or you can give everything you have to fighting and win.

The survival mindset is a choice, like everything else in life is a choice. Choose the survival mindset. Be a winner. Believe in yourself and mentally prepare for the fight of your life. Take control of your safety and act decisively and immediately with the tools you have with you…your mind!

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