When it comes to college safety, most people don’t like to think about it until its too late…

To make matters worse is the fact that they could have done something to prepare for the many potential threats they face both on and off campus.

Threats such as sexual assault, date rape, robbery, assault and even kidnapping occur everyday on college campuses around the nation and students and parents of students need to think about surviving these type attacks.

After all the preparation to attend college, get an education move on to becoming a productive member of society, you would think that parents, school administrators and students themselves would want to prepare for safety in the college environment.

The truth is that crime is not something that happens to other people. Threats and criminal acts are not hype that is concocted by the media to scare people. The world can be a dangerous place and the college environment is just another part of the world we live in.

Undoubtedly at this very moment, there are some people that are planning and seeking ways to carry out crimes on college students. Isn’t it time everyone stopped living in denial? This does not mean you need to live in constant fear or become paranoid every time something happens on the news, but let it be your wake up call to action.

By preparing, you remove a good deal of the “opportunity” from the criminals. By preparing you now have a plan with how to deal with these type threats before they happen, and by preparing you eliminate the confusion and fear that is too often associated with confronting a threatening situation.

Its time to get into the correct mindset, the mindset of security and personal safety. Programs such as Defense Coach University’s College Safety Prep, Title IX and Tactical Pen teach threat recognition and avoidance. They teach the process of situational awareness and how to be observant to your surroundings, which is a skill set anyone can learn and practice. So change your “safety profile” and become a survivor by enrolling in the only College Safety Prep program that gives you the tools you need to really survive in the college environment and beyond.

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