Let’s talk about how technology and social media have contributed to the proliferation of kidnapping globally.

Let’s face it there are more college kids these days on social media then in the classroom. It has become a modern convention for the college student as well as other younger students and even adults.Hands of a missing kidnapped

Because of the sheer number of users on social media sites like facebook and others that foster a “freedom of information act” type attitude”, kidnap gangs and transnational criminal organizations have literally assigned their own “tech” and social media people to scan and investigate profiles for target selection.

Since the vast majority of people want to disclose personal information including there whereabouts at any given time, and their residential or even office addresses or companies they work for or own, it has made it infinitely easier now with technology to gather intelligence on the best targets for kidnapping.

The other aspect of technology for the kidnappers is that the majority of the crime can be executed online. Of course they cannot actually abduct someone physically, though there are various types of kidnappings that can occur wholly online and via communication devices, but technology has paved the way for these criminals and transnational criminal organizations to accomplish their objectives efficiently and quite effectively.

There have been numerous cases where the kidnappers have arranged for rental cars to abduct and transport the victims to secondary crime scenes, buy plane tickets online with fake identification and purchase equipment and gear needed for the abduction.

We all appreciate the freedoms we have and the wonderful and exciting things that we can do and become with the advent of the Internet, but in the booming business of kidnapping it only serves to deepen the riff in preventing these crimes.

It would be prudent behavior to seriously consider what information one displays online including photos and personal information and think about limiting exposure to whatever you do decide to post to friends and family whenever possible. And know that there are people watching and they are not the government, they are not friendly and warm, they are the enemy and they don’t sleep, so it would behoove you now to be very proactive from this moment on.

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