Kidnapping is a booming business of global proportions. Despite what most think, kidnapping does not just happen in areas of conflict or in places that are socioeconomically depressed. Kidnapping can happen anywhere in any town, city or country.

You could be taken off the street, from your college campus, hotel, at an airport or your home or from your vehicle. It will happen rapidly and when it does you likely will be wrestling a number of emotions including terror and fear

Fear can be a paralyzing emotion, preventing you from acting to the situation. Having the right mindset is central to your abilities during and after the attack. As difficult as it seems, you must adopt the “kill or be killed” mindset to survive and escape that first sixty seconds of the attack.

Let’s face it; the majority of people are of good moral character. They are law-abiding citizens and would like to believe that if they are faced with a decision that involves defending their life in a kidnap or criminal situation, they will defend themselves.

The problem with this is that most people associate their survival in these circumstances with “self-defense”. Self- defense is a commercially marketable terminology. It is a term used by the majority of people to accept what is morally right and not what is actually needed to survive the unthinkable.Homepage Slider_4

Sadly what is needed to survive kidnapping is to take on the survival mindset. Remember it is fear that paralyzes you and prevents you from acting. The fear that you will suffer pain, the fear that you will not see your family again, and the fear that, if you even try to do something to prevent this attack you will be hurt or killed. The reality is you must use all of your fears and turn them into your greatest strengths when confronted with a kidnapping.

Exercising a survival mentality does require some specific training, and execution of such tactics and techniques must fit the circumstances. You must consider your options as it happens and hopefully you will have planned and prepared in advance for the same. If you cannot think and act along these lines, then it would be best to comply with the kidnappers and hope for a negotiation or possible rescue.


  • Become a hard target
  • Identify potential threats
  • Understand travel vulnerabilities
  • Avoid choke points
  • Analyze routes
  • Learn the principles of surveillance detection
  • Maintain situational awareness at all times
  • Train and rehearse offensive and defensive tactics

I will tell you that compliance and cooperation is the best chance you have for survival and release in a great number of the cases. I will also tell you that once held in internment, you should be patient as hostage negotiations are difficult and many times lengthy.

I will also tell you that your survival, and in cases where execution is imminent, and your escape crucial, training is the key. The fact is, if you don’t have any, you greatly reduce your chances of survivability.

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