• Keep all cash out of plain sight when driving to or from the bank
  • Vary the travel route you take so that no recognizable patterns are established, but keep to heavily traveled roads.
  • When making large deposits or withdrawals try to take along another family member, close friend, or business associate.
  • Try to avoid using ATM machines in the evening hours, when possible. If you must use an ATM after dark, try to find a drive-up ATM to minimize risks.
  • Always scan the area of the bank or ATM upon approach, observing shadows, movement, unusual or out of place things or people.
  • In approaching an ATM machine outside of your vehicle, have your ATM card in your hand, stand directly in front of the machine to safeguard your PIN number, take the withdrawn money immediately and put it in your pocket. Scan the immediate surroundings again while walking towards your vehicle.
  • In using a walk up type ATM machine, park your vehicle as close to the ATM as possible.
  • While using the ATM machine, keep alert by constantly scanning and observing the area around the machine and the surrounding area for anything or anyone suspicious.
  • If you suspect you are being followed at any time, drive directly to the nearest police station or the closest area with lots of people.
  • Leave word with a family member or close friend that you are going to the bank. Make sure they know the location of the bank you will be going to.
  • If possible, keep a cellular phone with you at all times. Make sure it is programmed with the proper police emergency numbers.
  • Always use an ATM that maintains good lighting both at the machine area and the surrounding parking lot.
  • Use indoor ATM machines whenever available. Follow the same observation and scanning concepts as above.
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