With escalating economic woes, stock market dives and business uncertainty, we see an ever-increasing rise in crimes perpetrated against citizens everywhere. And while here in the United States we have seemingly caught “cold”, other places and countries get the “flu” in terms of the economies.

People all over are affected by this vast economic downturn, and for the most of us it is difficult, but we do whatever we can to manage and get through it.

There is however others out there, criminals and opportunists alike who share the same goal of “getting through it” although their methods for accomplishing this objective are far more devious.airplane

The incidence of robberies, car-jacking, home invasions, pick-pocketing and other criminal enterprises always skyrockets when economic times are tough. And this brings us to our point; safety is now more than ever, paramount for the business or recreational traveler.

Travel Safety is a key concern for Americans and global citizens everywhere and is tantamount to the escalating crime issue that is occurring all over the world.

Whether traveling alone or with your family, you should raise your awareness level and take precautions to minimize potential threats and issues later on.

There are far too many items to review for this article however let’s discuss some of the more important points now:

  1. Make sure that you have packed all your suitcases and they are properly sealed and locked whenever possible and have markings or ID on each piece.
  2. Carry all your Identification on your person is something such as an ID carrier.

If you do not own one already, an ID Carrier is an essential item to hold your travel documents, passport and other forms of ID. Normally they are designed to hold these documents close to the body under your clothing, and are secured by a neck chain or some other type of string around the neck. The ID carrier should be worn underneath your outer garments so that it is not visible to the passerby. The chain or string that secures the item can also usually be tucked under clothing to diminish its visibility as well. In this way, you are less likely to lose them via your own misdoings or others. For safety purposes, it is better to employ a break away chain for the ID carrier than paracord or other string like material so that it is less likely it can be used to strangle or suffocate you with.

  1. If traveling abroad, contact the state department first and check to see if there are any increases in security threats for the area you will be traveling in. Also check in and register with the embassy in whatever country you are traveling to so that they are aware you and your families are there.
  1. No matter what your destination is, never wear expensive jewelry, carry large sums of cash or “stand out” in the crowd, as this will surely make you a target or any local criminals that are lurking about.
  2. Whenever traveling, become familiar with local laws, even while traveling within the boundaries of the United States. One of the reasons for this is number 6.
  1. When out and about at your destination, always carry something with you to act as a “buffer” in the event someone attempts to rob you or worse. We are not giving you advice at this time on whether or not to offer resistance should this happen, (as every circumstance must be handled within the confines of the numerous factors and people involved), but merely offering you a simple, and at times effective means of putting something-a barrier between you and the potential threat.

Defense Coach University offers comprehensive Travel Safety & Security Programs as well as Travel Briefs and Alerts for Corporations, Organizations and Individuals.

For more information on Travel Safety & Security please visit us at: or call: 1-800-820-0882

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