Everyone has heard the expression, “it’s just another tool for your tool box” or “you need as many tools in your tool box as you can fit”?

The reality is that you do not need more tools in your toolbox; you need the right tools in your toolbox. 

One of the tactical training tenets with which we operate basically states that we want to be responsible for our curriculum. If I teach for example 32 different ways to deal with a frontal handgun threat, well god help that individual no matter there background because if they ever have to employ one of those 32 techniques they will more than likely fail and then ultimately I have failed them.

When you give people a multitude of options to deal with a specific problem or situation, in this case a lethal force threat, it slows down their reaction time dramatically. In short, the more choices you give someone, the longer it takes that person to make a decision because of the variety of choices he or she has.

If our intent as defense coaches is to train the modern day warrior on all fronts and align them for combat and prepare people for conflict then we must develop TTP’s that have commonality of technique and in that way we are preparing them to win!

Theoretically and practically the fastest response will always be when you have one stimulus and one response, of course this is not realistic in the security and tactical world, but why don’t we all at least teach TTP’s that have “commonality”, a thread that runs thru a number of situations? Why don’t all instructors employ tactics and techniques that can be applied across a multitude of situations rather than having a multitude of techniques that we apply to each situation?


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