As an operator, and for defense coaches, we all strive for operational adaptability. We all want to improve our critical thinking skills during conflict and thus risk so that we can rapidly adjust to the changing environments.

Training is the fundamental staple, which unites us all. We are as we execute…repeatedly implementing lessons learned, however technology now has provided a positive paradigm shift that is actually quite close to Hollywood’s portrayal in shows such as “Person of Interest”.

Without discussing the names or specifics or what is presently realistic, suffice it to say that when it comes to gathering intelligence on a “person of interest”, we are capable of mobile deployable devices that pick up, analyze, record and compare everything from physiological electrodermal activity to cardiovascular signatures and much more in an effort to determine the nefarious intent of potential terrorist activity in advance. 

Of course this is only a piece to the puzzle as secondary and tertiary systems work to identify the “tagged” POI and develop correlations between people, places and organizations that will help intelligence and law enforcement agencies not only build a faster profile, but literally anticipate the behavior of the POI. And of course in the public domain, we are a bit vague on aspects but our operational adaptability has sure come a long way!

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