Leadership is more about how you act, rather than the skills you have or acquire as a protection specialist or operator.

If someone were to ask me, as they often do, what are the critical qualities of a great leader? I always respond with the same three words character, presence and intellect.

Character is best developed during adversity and when you prevail through adversity, strength and resolve are built. To develop character, you must educate, grow and use experiences as lessons learned so that you can continually improve.

As Leaders and business operators you have an obligation and responsibility for not only your own character, but also the development of all your team. Your “character” should then exemplify values and ethics that best represent your company or business for which you are the leader.

Presence is the sum total of your certainty, actions, words and mannerism. Presence must convey the leaders ability to command attention while also garnering respect. As a leader and business operator, it is essential that you be perceived by your peers, and team as a person whom can inspire and motivate them to duty.

The phrase that “leaders lead from the front” is more than just that, it is a way of life and you must communicate these attributes by standing and or fighting in the trenches with your people everyday. In this way, you are imparting confidence to your team that their “leader” or “team leader” is willing to do whatever it takes to complete the mission, and it is then that that team will follow you to hell and back.

And for those of you that are just starting out or those that want to grow as an executive or professional, it is Intelligence that allows you the mental, cognitive and creative abilities to execute the tasks every day, which lead to achievement and success.

As business “operators” you are thrown into situations, which demand critical thinking at a moment’s notice, you have to be able to view every obstacle or challenge from all sides and think laterally to solve it.

The Corporate world requires a proactive mindset with an understanding of consequences for every action or inaction. Threat assessment must be a part of that world and be congruent with the matrix of components that makeup the threats and the mission. Intelligence is what will allow you as a business operator to have the mental agility to continually make sound judgment calls and stay ahead of those threats.

So lead by example for there is no written set of laws that define leadership. It is your confidence and belief, values, thinking and actions that transcend conventional thought and bridge the gap between what you could be and who you are as a leader.

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