Most of us assume that because we have some type of locks on our front and or rear doors to our residence that there is some measure of protection against intruders. This could not be further from the truth.

95% of all locks are vulnerable, meaning they can be breached without a whole lot of effort I might add! And you had better think again if you think because you opted for the more expensive lock set for your front door that it is demonstrably safer and more protective than the much cheaper one-it isn’t! Bump Key

Originally founded in the Netherlands, “lock bumping” has been going on for more than a quarter century in the U.S.A. All it takes to get into your home is what is called a “Bump Key”. Bump keys can be made at any locksmith or Home Depot Store or you can even order them online! So kind readers take heed now, this is a subject you must take seriously for your own protection.

Here is what is involved: Get an uncut key and cut the key to the deepest cuts in all spaces. The key is filed so that all cuts on the key are the deepest position of “9″ depth for most locks. The key is that the peaks between the cuts are high enough to strike the pins while inserting the key.

Once you have your bump key simply insert it into the lock and withdraw it one position–this is so that each pin has a peak in front of it. Next, apply slight turning pressure to the key and strike the head of the key with something hard such as the handle of a hammer or a screwdriver handle. A bar like device with an acrylic block attached to it known as a “tomahawk” is the tool of choice in the locksmith industry.

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