In Japan, one can see children taking the train alone or in small groups. No adult supervision, just children on their own setting out to declare their independence very early on by performing tasks and going to school unaccompanied.

In the western world, this behavior would be frowned upon for fear of potential danger to the child; it is simply not an acceptable practice in the United States. However, in Japan where crime rates are low, children freely roam the streets daily with not only their parents consent and blessings, but many times to actually carry out a task for their family such as going to a store and buying something for the household.

What is interesting though is that it is not the impetus for independence or a low crime rate that drives this type of behavior. No, it is the idea that being responsible for one another is embedded into Japanese society and culture. The concept of “group reliance”, wherein if one or more people and in this case, children needs help, you can count on others to come to their aid.

An interesting concept yes? And so why don’t we learn from the Japanese? When those college students in Roseburg faced immediate danger, bodily harm and even death, why did they not band together in concert to at least try and stop the shooter?

We need to raise consciousness as a society to the importance of looking out for one another. We need to foster a “ready for anything” mindset that can only come about when we are like-minded.

What would have happened in Roseburg if a group or the whole class of students collectively worked as a contact “team” and wrestled the shooter to the floor? Would there be fewer casualties?

Is it not better to fight and survive, than to go like a sheep waiting to be slaughtered? With a teamwork mentality, we build a fence that is stronger and more powerful than any individual link. Experience and past events have demonstrated that crisis plans alone for active shooter events do not work.

There are a number of colleges and universities that have a crisis or emergency plan, however it is only as good as the people and the rehearsal that goes into it.

Isn’t it time, we plan to band together as a society and adopt this “group reliance” mentality to help level the playing the field in regards to the active shooter epidemic, mitigate potential threats and danger and to assist us with the worldwide goal of living a more peaceful existence knowing that your neighbor or the stranger next to you at college or on the train is watching out for you!

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